• What is high energy astrobiology?

It is a subdiscipline of astrobiology, focused on researching and assessing the possibility of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence manifested in known high energy phenomena in our universe.

  • What is a stellivore?

A civilization that actively feeds on stars. I first coined the term “starivore” (a hybrid word from English star; and latin vorus) because of its proximity with the word “carnivore”.  I changed (in Vidal 2016) to stellivore (from latin stella and vorus). The stellivore hypothesis is a reinterpretation of some existing binary star systems. Of course, we don’t know yet if such star systems are living or non-living, that’s why there is a prize to find out.

  • Do you really believe that some binary star systems could be extraterrestrial intelligence?

We do not want to believe. We want to know. The prize is meant to stimulate research in order to find out.


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